August 5, 2023

My Story

My Story

2 years ago, I made a change.

It was unconscious at the time. I didn't know it was happening.

I'm 24 now, I'd say it started when I was 21.

I began consuming different kinds of content, transitioning from memes to meaningful creators.

  • Jordan Peterson
  • Chris Williamson
  • Joe Rogan
  • Patrick Bet-David
  • Alex Hormozi

These are some of the major names.

My worldview began to shift.

I guess this is a good time to explain my prior worldview.

One that wasn't mine.


I grew up in a great area.

Middle class suburb. Nice place, great neighbors. Diverse area with kind people.

Two amazing parents, both always present and supportive. No immediate family drama.

Great friends right down the street.

Life was easy. I didn't understand struggle very much. I might not be giving myself enough credit, but life really was easy.

I spent a lot of time playing sports and games, as most young men do, and I got pretty good.

School came easy. A's and some B's when I got lazy.

Same thing through high school. Good grades, captain of the lacrosse team. (We had a bad team, I wasn't that good)

Point is, I did well on paper.

I went to college, got a degree in computer science in 3 years, and got a great first job. Software engineer paying just under 6 figures.

Aaaaaannd then we arrive at 21 year old me.

At this point, I've moved out with my fiancé (girlfriend at the time).

Life was great.

But something wasn't right.

The Realization

Now what?

The only goal left was to get married and have kids.

That was certainly on my to do list, but was that it? What was I supposed to strive for?

Another raise or another new job that paid a little more?

*There's nothing wrong with the 9-5. I think it gets a bad rep because we are so damn privileged today. We should be grateful as hell that we can work and get paid in the first place. Let's not bash the way most people live in first world countries. Others would kill for the life we live.
With that said, I'm looking for more too :)*

There's nothing wrong with the 9-5. I think it gets a bad rep because we are so damn privileged today. We should be grateful as hell that we can work and get paid in the first place. Let's not bash the way most people live in first world countries. Others would kill for the life we live.

With that said, I'm looking for more too :)

This is when the transition started happening. I began consuming world altering content.

The way Jordan Peterson talks about doing hard things and finding meaning.

The way Chris Williamson talked about deep ideas that resonated with me.

The way Patrick Bet-David led people. The respect he demands.

The way Alex Hormozi absolutely shatters world views in terms of what's possible.

That's the moment it clicked.

My life wasn't mine.

Society had chosen for me. I went with the flow, doing what I was told.

  • Be Kind
  • Get good grades
  • Go to college
  • Get a stable job

Fortunately, the advice I got was good advice. I had a great family and support system pushing me in a safe direction. Never mislead.

I was 21, no debt because I'd worked since I was 15, a CS degree and a very lucrative career.

I wasn't complaining, but I didn't know what was next.

I realized the only reason I'd known what was next up until that point was because somebody told me.

Again, my life wasn't mine.

Good news is I was 21 with a stable job. I had time to figure this shit out.

That's the beautiful situation my family led me to be in. One I'm extraordinarily grateful for.

But it was time for more.

And so it began.

The year long period of absorption and reflection.

The Transition

I gravitated towards people like Alex Hormozi. It wasn't for business advice though.

It was his beliefs that broke my world down to bit and pieces.

The way he said things so matter of fact.

The way his beliefs were forged through pure action. Battle tested in life.

I wasn't that certain of anything.

And the fact that his story was like mine in the sense that it all hit once he had his job.

People like Patrick Bet-David...

Who demand respect. They walk in a room and you feel their presence.

Their ability to lead people.

I wasn't like them.

I realized the reason I settled was because I was the biggest fish in my pond. I had more respect than the people around me. I felt as though I deserved more.

But that's where I stopped improving.

It wasn't until I opened my eyes to the sharks and whales of the entire ocean that I realized I wasn't so special.

I wasn't the man I said I was. I wasn't acting in congruence with the man I wanted to become.

I wanted to be like them.

They would make 10x better partners and fathers than me.

All of a sudden, the image of myself plummeted. And for good reason. My eyes opened to men of true value. People who demand 100x the respect I did.

Time to change.

What were they doing that I wasn't?

Ahh yes. There life was theirs.

They gritted their teeth, rolled up their sleeves, and made something truly unique happen.

Built something with their own two hands.

A man like that doesn't coast through life, he takes it and makes it into whatever he wants.

It was my turn.

The Mountain

All of a sudden, the path forward turned into a mountain.

I didn't know where to start or how to move forward.

For awhile, I believed consuming high quality ideas and thinking on them was making progress.

Turns out there's a term for that...

Mental Masturbation.

Months went by and my life hadn't changed.

Why hadn't it changed?

Then it started to come together. Action supersedes thinking.

Execution wins every time.

Alex Hormozi didn't develop his beliefs by thinking about them. He put them through the ringer by taking action and solidifying them as he went.

I started thinking and researching why taking action was so hard.

People know they need to take action but don't. I was that guy. Why was it so hard?

This is where the foundation of my brand on Twitter came from.

I'd do hard things for the sake of doing them, and I'd learn all about why I didn't want to.

This is what all my blogs are about. They're documenting the mental models that prevented me from taking action, and how to overcome them.

Before long, I was doing a bunch of hard things for no reason. But there was a huge benefit.

I was re-training my brain to have a bias towards action.

Through this process, I was finally doing it.

Taking action and making progress.

I'd done it. I'd learned what it's like to reverse engineer the mental models that hold us back. It took about 2 years.

I was action biased. Now I needed to figure out what I was going to take on.

Where do I implement this new skill?

Fast forward to about 4 months ago.

The Current Path

I'm building a clothing line with my fiancé.

It's been a dream of hers forever, and with her platform, it's become more than possible.

At the same time, about 4 months ago, I came across Dan Koe and his "One Person Business Model".

Not only was he playing with the same ideas I'd been dissecting over the past 2 years, but his business model made sense.

I vibed with him on an "interest" front but also with the possibility of monetizing my own interests.

He convinced me.

Around this time, I took the leap. I quit the software engineering job.

In full pursuit of the clothing brand along with my own personal brand.

I'll build the clothing brand into something insane with her, and forge something with my own two hands on the side.

Once the clothing brand is huge, I'll begin my next endeavor, forever growing.

I'll document my journey through life.

It started with getting off the couch. That's the problem I've solved and that's my current offer.

But I'll continue solving my core problem my entire life: To become the best husband and father possible.

To become a man I truly respect.

I'll do it by building shit myself. Taking control of my life, making it mine, and forging it into exactly what I want.

I'll build it all in public, and those who take inspiration may follow.

I'll be able to help those people along the way.

Twitter will be the documentation of my life.

The documentation of becoming the best man I can be.


I've been unsure of what Twitter would become for me.

Do I talk solely about self improvement and getting off the couch?

I'd surely run out of content.

I think I'll do a bunch of cool shit and use Twitter as a public documentation instead.

That seems a lot more realistic.

And fun.

I'm looking forward to continuing my journey, and sharing it with you all.

Remember, it starts with action. None of this would be possible without my foundation.

Without the transitional period.

Without realizing my life wasn't mine.

Without realizing action is king.

Without realizing why I couldn't do it.

  • Learn what you want.
  • Learn how to get it.
  • Learn why you can't take action on it (this is where most get stuck).
  • Learn to have a bias towards action.
  • Let the snowball roll forever.

For everybody out there struggling to get after it, go do something you don't wanna do.

Take a cold shower.

Purely because you don't want to. Nothing else.

That's the start of the snowball.

Thank you all for being here.

This is just the beginning.

- Jason