August 19, 2023

It's Starting to Make Sense (Finding Clarity)

It's Starting to Make Sense (Finding Clarity)

I've written about starting without the perfect plan.

That you'll find the perfect plan through iteration.

But there was something I didn't anticipate.

Shiny Object Syndrome.

I've talked about this before, but here's some quick context.

I quit my job about 4 months ago now to build a clothing brand with my fiancé.

The beginning is a bit slow, since we have to wait for sampling from the factories. The next few pieces are in place.

Point is, I had time. I stumbled across Dan Koe's videos about value creators and the one person business model.

It made sense.

To Twitter I went.

Since I had the clothing brand, I wasn't super concerned about choosing a niche and monetizing.

But I saw that having influence and an audience is the future of opportunity.

In fact, I didn't plan on monetizing at all. At least not for years.

See, I had a different philosophy for social media and creation.
"Do cool shit and share it".

This was my motto. This was the lens I was looking at Twitter through.

I wasn't certain if it would work, but I started without the perfect plan.

Practicing what I preach.

Before long, I found Twitter was different than I expected.

I've written about this before too... everything was about growth.

  • Comments
  • DMs
  • Engagement Lists
  • 3 Tweets a Day
  • Certain Strategies for Grabbing Attention
  • Choose a Niche
  • Find Clients
  • Sell Them
  • $$$

And you know what?

It works!

I'm watching people get tons of engagement around me. Tons of followers, and landing clients.

This is where shiny object syndrome crept in.

When you're in the weeds every day, your thinking zooms in. You become unable to see the big picture that you were able to see before starting.

All you know is you're trying your best to write engaging content.

Trying your best to grow and gain followers.

When others beat you, it makes you wonder why.

And this is the point where you need to be brutally honest with yourself...

Is it your strategy that's wrong, or are you bad at what you're doing...

For me, I started to doubt my strategy.

I came into this thing saying "I'm going to do cool stuff and share it online. What happens happens".

I believed if I did enough cool shit, I wouldn't have to think about what I shared. I'd have too much to share. Too much value.

A great problem to have.

I was going to become somebody OUTSIDE of Twitter, and use Twitter as the place to share my progress.

Before I knew it, I was admiring the week over week success of the people getting more likes.

Getting more followers.

Getting more engagement.

Landing clients.

Making $$$.


Two weeks ago, I got an amazing voice note DM from AidanBrands on Twitter.

He's somebody that exudes authenticity. Somebody I admire doing things his way on Twitter.

Without sharing too much, he said I was doing things the right way.

I was beyond happy to hear that from him. A huge vote of confidence.
Fast forward a week.

Myself and Dan West had Taylin Simmonds on our weekly Twitter Space.

It was my favorite one yet, Taylin gave an incredible amount of value. Link here if you want to listen back.

The reason I bring it up is because Taylin said something that stuck with me.

Don't quote me here, but the gist of what he said was copywriting or ghostwriting is a short term cash play. Personal branding is where the real money is.

The thing I took from this was the time horizon.

This is where clarity began to form.

Between Aidan's vote of confidence and Taylin's words of expertise, I reclaimed confidence in my initial philosophy.

I will play the long game.

I will build this clothing brand to $50M with my fiancé.

I will share the entire thing in public. I will give away everything I learn for free.

I won't monetize on Twitter. I won't ask my audience for anything for a very very long time.

There shouldn't be a need. If the clothing brand succeeds, I won't require money from them.

I won't niche down and talk about what the market wants.

I won't grow as fast, and that's fine.

I won't make as much money as soon, and that's fine.

I'll do amazing stuff and share it in public.

I won't make Twitter what I'm building, that's the difference.

I'll make it where I build my influence, not my income.

It will provide as a public resume of competency.

People might already have the foundation of their house built with walls and a roof coming together.

And I'll still be working on my foundation.

It'll be hard to ignore the success others are achieving.

But that's okay.

This is how I want to build.

And I'm going to prove it will work.

This goes without saying, but there's nothing wrong with building one way or another.


It's super hard to start. Overcoming that hurdle has been the hardest thing I've done.

It took me two years of mental masturbation and thinking before I took some action.

Started without the perfect plan.

Before I knew it, I was in the weeds every day, executing.

Thinking without executing is futile. No progress gets made.

Executing without thinking will turn you into a duplicate. You'll be in the weeds every day, and lose that high level, zoomed out thinking that got you to act in the first place.

Lose that level of vision and you lose your path. You'll latch onto the shiny object.

It will consume you and you will become it.

Retain the vision that got you started. Zoom out and remember it.

Remind yourself of the reason you started. Remind yourself of your "Why".

Others may have quicker success.

Yours may take longer.

But the path to greatness is longer than the path to goodness.

It starts slower. It takes longer.

It requires a larger foundation.

Don't get distracted.

- Jason