July 1, 2023

Automate Your Life (And Finally Make Progress)

Automate Your Life (And Finally Make Progress)

I get called weird a lot.

But it's not for a reason you'd guess.

It's because I eat the same exact thing at the same exact time every single day.

Exceptions are rare.

I do it, among other things, for a few reasons (that I will discuss for the rest of the newsletter).

Other things I do (Definitely less extreme):

  • Go to sleep at the same time.
  • Wake up at the same time.
  • Workout at the same time.
  • Wear the same handful of things.

The beautiful part...

Here's a list of things I don't have to think about.

  • What to eat.
  • When to eat.
  • How much to eat.
  • What to buy at the grocery store.
  • When to work out.
  • How long to work out.
  • What to wear.
  • My nutrition.
  • My body weight.
  • My body fat%.
  • My recovery from weight training.
  • How tired I am.
  • Mental clarity fluctuations.

Does this sound enticing or dreadful?

Amazing or joyless?

Keep reading. I'll spend the rest of the newsletter dissecting the real benefits.

Personal Struggles

If you've read my previous newsletters, you know I've struggled to introduce real change into my life.

It's become my number one interest due to how problematic it is for me.

Automating these decisions has been the most helpful thing I've done.

I like to cling to excuses. I found out why, but I won't dive in too deep here. You can read all about my journey with excuses (and flossing) here.

Point is, having a bunch of little shit to figure out was another excuse I could use to not make progress.

"If I had more time I could get it done."

My life was a cluttered mess. Cluttered with time consuming mental battery draining decisions.

That was my excuse.

That was my reason for not getting things done.

That was my reason for disliking my current situation.

That was the reason I didn't get any results.

That was my reason for not being a man of my word.

That was the reason people didn't believe in me.

That was the reason I had no respect.

It sucked. I wasn't the man I said I was. Not somebody proud of his story — I had to change.

Removing the clutter and getting back my time/mental energy was the best decision I've made.

It was the start of my journey to becoming the person I want to be.

It's the thing I am most proud of. My best offer to you.

And you can do it too.

Let's jump in.

There's More To Life

There are 3 high level reasons for behaving the way I do.

The first two have to do with wanting more from life while the third has to do with wanting a longer life.

Eating new foods is great. It's fun. Sleeping in on the weekends can be nice. Buying new clothes and looking stylish is great.

It's cool to enjoy the little things in life.

The problem comes when they are the only things that bring you joy (at least for me).

Doing the little, easy things in life only bring me so much fulfillment.

Fulfillment will always be tied to difficulty. Dive deep into why here.

For that reason, I have set up my life to make it as easy as possible to do hard things (ironic, I know).

  • Get in shape.
  • Build a business.
  • Retire your parents.
  • Buy a huge house.
  • Build a beautiful family.

These things are hard.

I want these things.

These things take sacrifice.

Reason 1. Decision Making Power (mental energy)

When we go to the gym, we can only do so much work.

Our muscles fatigue, and they need to recover.

If we kept training for the whole day, we wouldn't get a positive return on most of it. There's a point when you do too much.

The same is true for the mind. I don't know why it's not talked about, but it seems so obvious to me.

Why would it be any different? If you studied for 24 hours straight, you won't remember the things you learned in the second hour.

The short term memory overflows before it can convert the info into long term memory (this happens during rest).

Your mental battery runs out the same way your physical one does.

With work.

Your mental battery recharges the same way your physical one does.

With rest.

Okay cool.

It's also safe to say decision making takes a toll on your mental battery yea?

For me, I want to work towards the hard things. Hard things require hard decisions. Hard decisions require a lot of my mental battery.

I'm not wasting it on what breakfast should be.

I'm not wasting it on worrying about eating too much.

Not wasting it on which snack to buy from the grocery store.

I'm not trying to belittle these choices. I'm not trying to make my choices seem any more noble than anybody else's. We all have our own life and have the right to choose how we wanna live it. I've also never been a big food guy. Don't care for it like others, so I have that advantage. I know it's not easy. I have my own issues I struggle with (discussed later). But I'm willing to sacrifice them in the pursuit of my idea of a better life.

Reason 2. Time

We've all been there.

Struggling to figure out what to eat at a restaurant or a drive through.

Staring at our fridge wondering what to eat.

I used to do this too.

Other than your mental battery getting drained, you also lose time.

At a base level, time is the only resource we have to spare/trade. It's also the only thing we can't get more of.

I used to not value my time. I would let friends waste it.

I would waste it myself.

I don't need to spend much time talking about the importance of time.

We all get it.

So if it's so important, act like it. Use it for the things you truly want.

If you're reading this letter, chances are you want to use it for similar things as me.

So do it.

Take back control of your life by taking back control of your time.

Do this by automating as much of your life as possible.

Getting back my time is the second reason.

Reason 3. Health

Next week's newsletter will be about exactly how you can automate your health. This includes eating, nutrition, training, etc.

I wanted to write this one first to outline the theory and reasons behind doing it.

But yea, the third reason is to remain healthy.

I want to live a long, healthy life. I want it to be as long as possible. I want time to do these hard things, and to see my great grandchildren.

Everybody understands the importance of health, but most neglect it.

It's easy when it's automated and you don't think twice.

My health is completely bulletproofed.

  • Body weight.
  • Body fat.
  • Everything that comes with proper nutrition (life itself).

It is all locked in with 0 thought.

Stay tuned for next week.

With 1. Mental energy and 2. Time, the progress towards my goals is up to me.

It's not about "fitting in" the focused sessions of work around your less important things.

"I'll build the business, but I have to eat first. Ahh shit what am I going to eat?"

"I'll get in shape, but I need to sleep. Ahh shit I slept in and missed my planned session... when am I going to go? What else will I skip to make this happen?"

Trust me, these decisions may not seem like they add up to much, but they do. The exercise I laid out later will prove it.

  • Getting in shape.
  • Building a business.
  • Retiring your parents.
  • Building a beautiful family.

Are these things more important than deciding what to eat?

For me they are, that's why they take precedence.

I need the mental battery/willpower and time to do them.

These things are super difficult, why make it so much harder?

Getting rid of the tedious, time consuming decisions every day was the first step for me. And the most important one I've made.

"Being busy is a form of laziness - lazy thinking and indiscriminate action. Being busy is most often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions." Tim Ferriss

Take Back Control. Start Now.

I have a simple request.

Reflect on your days and ask what decisions are eating up your time.

Focus on time not mental energy because it's a lot easier to identify what's taking your time. Also because what takes lots of your time often takes lots of your mental energy too.

Walk through your day. Make a list of every decision you make. If it isn't obvious what's taking your time, do it for each day for a week.

Cross reference them. What is the common decisions you make?

How much time do they take? What are they?

Are they things something I've discussed above? Chances are deciding what to eat and cook takes hours total...

I can only do so much guesswork here. You know what those decisions are.

If you see the decisions that take your time and don't believe you can automate them, you're wrong.

If you're coming across the same situations day after day, chances are the decision doesn't matter much.

Think about the ones you pretend are productive.

The ones you can automate and the results will stay the same or improve.

Start small.

Make the change slow. Introduce very little change at a time. Too much and you'll quit (Read why here).


What kind of life do you wanna live.

Be honest. Don't lie. I used to lie to myself all the time to protect myself.

Admitting you have a mountain to climb is hard. Being okay with your current situation is easy.

But you know the truth.

Do you want more fulfillment? Do you want to do hard things?

Do you want to:

  • Get in shape.
  • Build a business.
  • Retire your parents.
  • Buy a huge house.
  • Build a beautiful family.

Or anything else difficult?

You'll struggle if you're using your time and mental energy on things that don't push you towards them.

Don't make it harder on yourself, make it easier.

When I mapped out my day, choosing what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat, and when to cook were the things.

They were taking the most time. It was obvious.

Chances are, it's taking most of yours too.

By automating them, I not only got my time and mental energy back, but I bulletproofed my health.

And you can too.

Stay tuned for next week's letter.

I'll show you exactly how to do it :)

- Jason